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You can still apply Autumn Lawn Feed to your Lawn. Check tree ties and stakes in your garden ready for the Winter. If you have a bare piece of ground or vegetable patch why not sow some Green Manure which can be dug into the soil in Spring improving fertility. Cover up ponds with netting to avoid the falling leaves going into the pond. All fallen leaves can be put on a compost heap after 12 months the leaves will have rotted down for use in the garden. House Plants should be misted regularly to avoid the tips of the leaves from browning, use tepid water, Keep house plants away from direct heat such as radiators.

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Autumn Lawn Feed

Winter Preparations

All fallen leaves can be put on a compost heap


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Cut perennial plants right down, adding all the remains to the compost heap.


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To protect your potted plants from the harshest winter weather group them in a sheltered spot