As the growing season for plants draws to a close and many plants are going into hibernation for the Winter months to reappear next Spring. Now is the time to turn our attention to the Festive Season.

Christmas Trees – This year our fresh grown Nordmann Trees are grown much closer to home just outside Banbridge keeping road miles to a minimum and helping the environment. These particular trees have the natural ability to hold onto their needles right through to early January, they have a pleasant fragrance. We will have sizes from 5ft to 10ft.

How to look after your Christmas Tree – When you have selected your tree we can re-net it for ease of transportation home. If you do not want to it up right away leave it outside which keeps it cool and fresh. Bring the tree into the house about 24 hours before you put it up to allow the tree to dry out. Cut the bottom off the tree exposing bare wood this will allow the tree to take up water from a stand which holds water. 10% off Christmas Decorations when purchasing a Real Christmas Tree.

Christmas Trees in pots – This year we will have two varieties of Christmas trees in pots, these are for outside for the garden and put lights on them. You can put these in the house but they will need acclimatising in the garage/shed firstly and then inside MUST be kept watered whilst in the house, to keep them fresh looking, after Christmas move back to the garage or shed for a short period of time to acclimatise them to the colder weather.

Disposing of your tree after Christmas – Take your tree to any of the recycling centres in the New Year where the trees will be chipped and used as a mulch or composted. If you have a small tree you can chop it up and put it into the brown bin.

Christmas Wreaths & Table Centres – We are now taking orders for Wreaths and table centres, orders need to be placed soon and can be picked up later in December. Please note this year certain fresh flowers may now be available due to delivery problems.

Christmas Decorations – We have a great Christmas display with a wide range of decoration s for the home and Christmas trees, artificial trees and lights.

House Plants – We have an excellent range of house plants at the moment with more coming in early December . House plants are great for purifying the air in your home and they look good.

Feed the Birds – As the days get colder it is a good time to think about our birds and feed them on a daily basis. They are very good at eating slugs and snail and other pests this is “Natural pest Control”.

Garden Ornaments- It has been confirmed that we are having a delivery of concrete garden ornaments including a good selection of Bird Baths. It is hoped they will be with us on the 30th November.

Roses – We hope to have the Northern Ireland Centenary Rose in with us shortly. If you have already ordered one from us we will ring you when they arrive in. If you would like one please contact the Garden Centre to order.

The very popular David Austin Range of Rose will be available from early December. The Roses for 2022 season will be available from February.

Plants for Winter interest – We have a good selection of Winter Plants in stock – Skimmia’s, Heathers, Nandina,Pittosporum, Conifers, Viburnums including Azaleas and Camellia’s

Tree Week – This is the end of November and a good time to plant trees as the ground is warm and they establish quicker ready to grow away in Spring.

Opening House – Monday – Sat 9.00am to 5.30pm Sunday 1.00pm – 5.00pm.

We hope you find this bulletin useful. If you no longer wish to receive this bulletin please e mail us back.

Enjoy your Garden and Keep Safe

From all at the Garden Centre.

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Autumn Lawn Feed

Winter Preparations

All fallen leaves can be put on a compost heap


Christmas Shop

Cut perennial plants right down, adding all the remains to the compost heap.


Christmas Shop

To protect your potted plants from the harshest winter weather group them in a sheltered spot