Bedding plants have been in high demand this year probably because some people are still in lockdown and avoiding crowds of people, consequently it has been very hard for the growers to keep up with demand, in many ways we are lucky we grow our own bedding and vegetable plants.   We still have a good range of bedding in stock along with a lot of plants and roses.   The vegetable plants are still available but are becoming limited.

TREES it has been a very difficult year for the growers of trees demand was so high at the beginning of the season my usual grower had difficulty supplying trees.   However he now has great selection of trees available and he is one of the best growers of trees in  N. Ireland.

When planting trees it is a good idea to check the height and allow for every foot a tree grows up it should be kept the same distance from the house. I.e.  20ft tree should be 20ft away from the house to avoid any damage to the house foundations.     Once you have your tree home and a good spot chosen for the tree dig the hole at least twice the size of the root ball make sure the root ball is well watered break the bottom of the hole up for drainage and use Westland Tree & Shrub compost which has a 6 month feed.  The top of the root ball should be flush with the top of the ground back fill with soil and any remaining compost and give a good watering.   The tree should be staked which should be placed on the wind ward side.

With the weather changing and global warming if you plant one tree in your garden you will be helping the environment – trees take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen they look great and are a home for birds and insects, give some protection from the wind and can give a little privacy, when the leaves fall in the Autumn these can be used on the compost heap or left on the ground as a way of mulching the ground.   A lot of trees give lovely Autumn colour.

Summer Flowering Bedding Plants – to get more out of your bedding whether in borders baskets or containers, keep them well watered even if there has been some rain, your plants can act as an umbrella and the rain does not get down to the roots.   Water in the morning or in the evening when any sun has gone from the plants.   If you are going away for a few days take down the hanging baskets and move to a sheltered shady spot.

All baskets and containers should be fed every 10 days with a high potash feed such as Tomato fertilizer or Phostrogen.

Remove dead flowers every week this keeps the plants looking tidy and stimulates the plant to make more flowers.

Check every week for greenfly if you spot any spray using Bug Clear.  Remove any diseased leaves and spray with a fungicide.

By following these simple rules you bedding should keep flowering right up to the first frosts.

Vegetables – We still have a limited range of vegetables and it not too late to sow carrots, beetroot, radish and salad leaves.


Dead head Roses every week cutting back just above a leaf to stimulate more flowers.

Spray Roses every two weeks with a fungicide to control Blackspot, Mildew and Rust.

With the warmer weather Greenfly are becoming a big problem as soon as you see them spray with Bug Clear.

When spraying any plants choose a dry, cloudy and calm day.

If your lawn needs a feed and want to kill weeds and moss use Evergreen Complete apply between cuts and before rain.

If you want to kill moss without all the scarifying use Westland Moss Master which decomposes the moss into a natural plant food feeding the lawn.

Continue to feed Tomatoes twice a week using tomato food and water with 3-4 pints of water per plant per day depending on weather Tomatoes need a lot of water.

As we are getting warm weather and some rain remember the slugs and snail love your bedding plant and vegetable plants use Slug Pellets to kill them off.

Hardy Perennials can grow very tall and some need staking to avoid them collapsing.

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Moss Killer

When planting improve soil with Growmore or Fish, Blood & Bone fertiliser.


Summer Flowers

Summer flowering bedding should be in full bloom keep dead heading and feed regularly


Autumn Lawn Feed

Now is the time to apply an Autumn Feed to the lawn