It has been some time since I sent out a bulletin and since opening last month we have been very busy.     May has been a bit up and down month for the weather with rain wind and in some parts frost hopefully over the next few weeks we will get some good sunny weather.

If you live near the sea it is ok to plant our summer bedding, if you live inland you may want to wait until early June.   If you put plants into baskets or containers you can always move them inside or to a sheltered spot in the garden if frost is forecast.  With plants in the border or vegetables you can cover them with a fleece which will help protect them.

In our own glasshouses where we grow the bedding and vegetables we use no heat only the sun shining down.   Although this takes longer to produce the bedding and vegetables it also means they are grown very hard and will stand the lower temperatures better.

Unfortunately due to the good April we had bedding plants are now in short supply from the Growers,   but because I grow my own I am in a unique position of having bedding plants.

Many Gardeners use a multipurpose compost which is perfectly ok but the fertiliser will only last for about 6 weeks which means you have to start feeding, using a high potash feed like Tomorite or Phostrogen.   The best compost to use is the NEW Westland Container & Basket compost which will feed your plants for up to six months and contains water retaining gel which means the compost will hold water.

Grow Your Own Vegetables – we produce all our own vegetables plants including a variety to tomatoes, again at our own nursery so no air miles, and no road miles.  When planting we use Westland Peat Free Compost and it is Organic.

In previous years the plants I purchased and supplied to yourselves were bought from the very best growers in England and Northern Ireland, as you are all aware from the 1st January, this all changed due to the Northern Ireland Protocol.    I still purchased plants from Northern Ireland Growers but am unable to get plants from England due to the high cost of bringing plants from England to NI because  we are still considered to be an EU country.   This means I do not get to choose the unusual plants we have been used to.   It is now easier to buy from Southern Ireland with no restrictions.


  1. Moss Master is now available this great product kills the moss in the lawn without burning it black when the moss dies it converts into a natural lawn food.
  2. Feed Roses with Westland Rose Food enriched with dried horse manure.
  3. Spray Roses every two weeks to control Blackspot Mildew and Rust.
  4. With the recent wet weather slugs and snails will be out in force, put down organic slug pellets or wool pellets.
  5. When you have weeded a bed put down a mulch of chipped Bark or soil conditioner to help to trap in the moisture and keep weeds down.
  6. Keep your eye on bedding plants when the flowers have gone over dead head them and more will appear.
  7. Hardy Perennials are growing if they grow more than 60cm it is a good idea to put in any kind of stake to prevent them from breaking if we get any wind.
  8. Some plants in the garden may have got brown tips this is due to the amount of wind we have had and no need to worry the plants will survive.
  9. Tomato plants in the glass house should be growing well it they have their first tomatoes on start feeding using a high potash feed such as Tomorite.
  10. Tomatoes need a lot of  watering always water in the morning so the foliage is kept dry during the night to reduce the likelihood of disease

Opening hours Monday to Saturday 9.0am to 5.30pm Sunday 1.00pm to 5.00pm

Government Guidelines.

The garden centre observes guidelines masks must be worn in the Shop and hand sanitizer is available at all doors and we operate a one way system in the shop.

Hopefully you have found this bulletin to be of use please feel free to pass it onto your friends.  But as always if you do not wish to receive it any more please e mail back.

Enjoy your garden from the Team at the Centre; we look forward to seeing you.


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Our own Vegetable Plants should now be ready


Hanging Baskets & Containers

Start spraying roses for Black Spot, Mildew and Rust. 



Roses should be starting to bloom remember to cut off the dead flower.