Easter is very early this year with Good Friday being on the 29th March, also British Summer time starts on the 31st March hopefully bringing more daylight throughout the day.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Due to Sunday Trading Law it is not possible for me to sell you anything or put another way I am not allowed to take any payments on Easter Sunday, as it is considered a Holy Day, despite this you can still come to the Garden Centre for viewing only and as a reward you will get a voucher for 20% off valid until the end of April.

Opening Hours Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 5.30pm and Sunday 1.00pm – 5.00pm

Open over Easter as Normal

SOWING VEGETABLES – As we go into April the soil conditions should be improving to allow us to sow direct into the soil, root crops such as carrots, beetroot parsnips, spring onion, radish, peas, and beans.   Before sowing any of the above kill off weeds with a weed killer such as Round Up or dig out if you do not want to use chemicals fork in some well rotted manure or soil improver.   Sow your seeds thinly most packets of seeds contain hundreds of seeds and so little and often to avoid lots of plants coming up together.

TOMATO PLANTS – Our tomato plants will be available for cold glasshouse around the middle of April.   Planting tomato plants too early without heat can be very risky.

FIRST VEGETABLE PLANTS – These will be available for planting at Easter with more coming available as the weeks pass by.

SUMMER FLOWERING BULBS – Assuming the soil is not too wet you can start planting bulbs such as Dahlia, Gladioli and Lilies.  Begonias are better started off in a 10cm pot using a multi purpose compost and a gentle heat inside about 15o or room temperature plant the Begonia hollow side up once you see emerging shoots give them full light and plant out early in May when all frosts are hopefully behind us.

SPRING BEDDING PLANTS – We still have a limited range of spring flowering bedding plants which are cold tolerant and can be planted now in containers or in borders to give colour and interest until the half hardy summer bedding starts to become available in late April.  If you see summer bedding available now I would advise not buying it, if we have a late frost they will die they are also grown in heat to force them on and can be quite soft.

MOSS IN THE LAWN – We have just gone through one of the wettest winters on record and it has been great for growth of moss in our lawns.   Poor drainage shade and poorly fed lawns will encourage moss.   At this time of the year you can start using a product from Westland  called “Moss Master” which will kill off the moss without turning if black, as the moss decomposes it converts itself into a natural plant food which will encourage the grass to grow and thicken.  It is good to scarify the lawn afterwards if any bare patches appear you can over seed with lawn seed and then cover with Westland Lawn Dressing.

NEW PLANTS   – Plants are arriving into the Centre almost every week from quality nurseries all over Ireland.   We like to think that our range of shrubs and quality plants are one of the best anywhere.   Why not call in and see some of these plants which are new different and rare.

WEEDS IN THE LAWN – From early April you can start applying products which will feed the lawn kill the weeds and some products will kill the moss, such as Evergreen Complete, Greenforce 4 in 1 and Aftercut all in once.  All these products work in the same way apply 7 – 10 days after cutting  and before rain and wait another 7 -10 days before cutting again which allows the products to work properly.

TIPS TIPS AND MORE TIPS – When Daffodils have finished flowering, remove the dead flower to stop the bulb wasting energy.   Leave the leaves on until they are brown this will feed the bulbs for next year you can also apply Fish Blood and Bone or chicken manure to feed the bulbs.

Start spraying Roses for Blackspot and Mildew use Fungus Clear or Rose Clear.

Weeds are starting to grow in pathways and drive ways use Resolva Path & Drive Weed killer, Kills both weeds and moss.

Just arrived Azaleas and Rhododendrons when planting both these plants require a Lime Free Compost (ericaceous).

Want to know more about gardening, why not come of our Garden Club held on the last Monday of every month (except Nov & Dec)  7.30pm – 8.30pm membership is £15.00 per year giving a 10% discount off all purchases (full retail) and 20% discount on garden club night.  Subjects covered every month are relevant to that particular month.

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All fallen leaves can be put on a compost heap


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Cut perennial plants right down, adding all the remains to the compost heap.


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To protect your potted plants from the harshest winter weather group them in a sheltered spot