With the recent rain the plants are now growing very well, the downside of this is that the weeds are growing very well also.   Some useful tips for dealing with weeds and diseases.

  1. Never allow weeds to produce seed this only lead to more weeds at a later date.
  2. If the weather is dry and sunny and the surface of the soil is dry use a Dutch hoe to cut of any emerging weeds before they get established.
  3. Where you have deep rooted weeds treat them with Round-up apply the product onto the foliage of the weed leave them to grow on as the product is absorbed into the foliage and down into the root system killing the weed outright.   Round up is safe to use and does not damage the soil always apply on a calm dull day.
  4. For those of you who do not wish to use chemicals you will have to dig out deep rooted weeds.
  5. Once you have an area clear of weeds you can put down a mulch such as soil conditioner, mini chip bark or landscape bark between 5-10cm deep to be effective when the mulch is down it looks good and keeps the moisture in and will keep down most weeds, any that do come up can be spot treated.
  6. A very useful product to keep down weeds is landscape fabric which allows water and air through to the plants.  The landscape fabric will need to be covered with pebbles/bark or soil conditioner.
  7. Round up comes in different forms, concentrate which you dilute yourself and spray onto the weeds, it also comes as a Ready to Use and is available in difference brand names, Weedol, Rootkil Plus, Resolva Extra Tough.
  8. Round up is also available without Glyphosphate but this will only kill the top of the weeds and not the roots.
  9. Round up is not selective which means it does not distinguish between weeds and plants and your lawn.
  10. For weeds on the lawn use a selective weed killer which can tell the difference between broad leaved weeds and grass.  You should apply this product seven days after cutting the lawn and leave for a further seven days before cutting it again.  Suitable products include Resolva Lawn Weedkiller, Weedol Lawn Weedkiller or the granular products combined with a lawn food such as Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 or Aftercut All in One.
  11. When the weather is warm and damp plant diseases can be a major problem such as Mildew, Blackspot and Rust.   Mildew being the main problem if the leaves are badly affected  remove them and spray with a Fungicide such as Fungus Fighter,  Fungus Clear Ultra or Fungus stop (organic).   Fungus Stop is a new product and can be used as a preventative for Potato Blight.
  12. There are ways to prevent diseases attacking plants (A) Keep plants well watered.  (B) Remove any diseased, dying or dead foliage.  (C)  If there is too much foliage thin it out for more air movement.
  13. When rain has stopped slugs and snails are very active and will attack bedding, vegetable plants and new foliage.   We carry a good range of slug pellets some of which are organic.
  14. If you spot any Greenfly use Bug Clear

New Potatoes’ for Christmas – We will have available seed potatoes for planting now to grow and harvest at Christmas.  Once planted they will come on very quickly as the soil is warm,  when the tops are killed of by frost leave the potatoes in the ground ready to harvest and store for Christmas in a frost free dark place or leave in the ground until you are ready to use.

Give your Lawn a Treat – We have a new lawn feed in stock Evergreen Natural 4 in 1 feeds the lawn and helps prevent moss and weeds it is 100% plant based and uses recycled packaging.   Normal price is £40.00 for a bag to cover 260 sq.mt we have a special offer on while stock last 2 bags for £25.00 and can be applied until the end of September.

New Plants are continuing to arrive into the Centre,  we have a good selection of container grown trees and fruit trees.  Hardy perennials and a good selection of Heathers.

Roses – Lots of our roses are now in bloom and a great selection to choose from,  spray every 2-3 weeks to prevent diseases.

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Enjoy your Garden from the team at Inver Garden Centre.

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Moss Killer

When planting improve soil with Growmore or Fish, Blood & Bone fertiliser.


Summer Flowers

Summer flowering bedding should be in full bloom keep dead heading and feed regularly


Autumn Lawn Feed

Now is the time to apply an Autumn Feed to the lawn