The days are getting longer giving us gardeners more time in the garden.

EASTER – is almost upon us and it is time to plant the first of the vegetable plants which we have been producing over the last number of weeks. As frost is still a possibility particularly if you are away from the Coast. All the vegetable plants have been hardened off outside to acclimatise them to the cold weather.

TOMATO PLANTS – The first of the tomato plants will be going on sale from Good Friday not all varieties will be available at the start. Once again all plants have been hardened off ready for unheated glasshouses. Plant your tomato plants into a 20-30cm pot using the compost from the Tomato Gro Bags or plant in the soil of the greenhouse using the compost from the gro bag. The Westland Big Tom Gro Bag contains seaweed rich in calcium and feeds up to six weeks. The gro bag is also deeper than most which means you can plant your tomatoes into the gro bag if you wish. We have the Tomato Feed Tomorite and Big Tom Tomato Feed.

SUMMER FLOWERING BEDDING PLANT- All our summer bedding plants are half hardy and will not stand heavy frost. All bedding plants have been moved outside to harden them off ready for planting out now. Summer bedding will be available from Good Friday. If you live away from the coast be careful of cold nights or late frosts. If you are planting outside use Protection Fleece for protection on both vegetables and summer bedding. When planting hanging baskets or containers use Westland Container & Basket compost with a 6 month slow release feed and moisture retention granules.

SOWING VEGETABLES OUTSIDE –There is a whole list of vegetables you can sow outside, before sowing any kill or remove weeds incorporating into the top of the soil Westland Vegetable Compost you can also use a general fertiliser such as Growmore. Always so little and often so too many do not come as once. Remember to mark the seeds with a marker to see what is sown. For a general soil improvement use Westland Manure in the vegetable patch or Westland Soil Improver.

VEGETABLE PLANTS – We do have a large selection of vegetable plants available now. They come in sections of 10 plants before planting work in some well rotted manure or vegetable compost and add a general fertiliser such as Growmore or Chicken Pellets. Buying different vegetable plants in sections of 10 means that you can space them out and do successional sowing over 3 to 4 weeks.

MICRO GREENS – These can be sown in seed trays or pots any time of the year indoor the seeds germinate very quickly and are ready to eat in 21-28 days. Micro Greens can be cut and put on salads or sandwiches for flavouring. They are very easy and quick to grow great as a project for Children.

GROW YOUR OWN MEADOW – We have in stock a range of flower seeds which you can sow directly into the garden now, make sure the soil is weed free. There are several different boxes of seed to choose from.


Apply Moss Master now to the lawn to kill moss without it turning black and having to scarify it, the dead moss feeds the lawn which is a natural product.

Apply Safe Lawn to feed the lawn naturally very safe for children and pets.

Spray Roses every two weeks for Blackspot, mildew and rust use Roseclear or Fungus clear.

As new foliage starts to appear from Perennials this is great food for slugs and snails. You can use Slug Pellets and other products to give your plants protection.

Dwarf Maples (Acers) are now coming into leaf and look fantastic. To avoid the edges of the leaves being damaged by cold winds put protection around them or if they are in pots move them to a sheltered spot. Start feed the Acers with an Acer Feed.

If you have a selection of plants growing in Containers, scrape off the top 10-20cm of compost remove and replace with a fresh compost use Westland Tree & Shrub this not only helps the plants to have some food but also makes the containers look good.

We recently brought in from England over 200 Clematis in different varieties and as they are container grown they can be planted at any time. If you already have Clematis in your garden cut the summer flowering ones back to 30cm from the ground and apply a special clematis feed.

BLACK SPOT REMOVER – We have a new product in stock called Black Spot Remover. This is one of the few products which will remove black spots from your patio or paved area around the garden.

NEED A NEW SHED – Do you need a new shed we have now got a new local company who make sheds we have one on display in the Centre for you to look at.

The garden centre is filling up with new plants all the time for all types of gardens large and small. The staff are always here to help with advice.

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On Easter Sunday we will be open for viewing only. This is due to Sunday trading Law.


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Our own Vegetable Plants should now be ready


Hanging Baskets & Containers

Start spraying roses for Black Spot, Mildew and Rust. 



Roses should be starting to bloom remember to cut off the dead flower.