Grow Your Own

From late January we have a good selection of seed potatoes, shallots and onion sets and vegetable seeds to sow your own.

Growing Vegetables from small Plants

We stock a large range of vegetable plants, (lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, leeks, onions, parsley) buying the plants in sections of 10 avoids too many at once.  Put down a general feed before planting into the ground such as Growmore or Chicken Manure.  Keep plants free from weeds and look out for pests and diseases.  Please ask for advice in the Garden Centre.

Growing Vegetables from Seed

Always read the information on the back of the packet of seeds.  The information will tell you when to sow, depth, thinning out, and when to harvest.  Seeds can be sown in trays for an early start.  Wait until late April or early May when all frost has past, make sure the ground is weed free using a weed killer which is inactive on contact with the soil.  For Organic Gardeners use a hoe or weed by hand. Put down a general feed before sowing such as Growmore or Chicken Manure.  Sow little and often to avoid too many plants coming at once.