Always read the information on the back of the packet of seed. Seeds can be sown in trays for an early start, with gentle heat. Wait until late April or early May when all frost has past, make sure the ground is weed free using a weed killer which is inactive on contact with the soil. For Organic Gardeners use a hoe or weed by hand. Put down a general feed before sowing such as Growmore or Chicken Manure. Sow little and often to avoid too many plants coming at once.


We stock a large range of Summer Bedding plants, which are all home grown in our own Greenhouses. So no road or air miles. Our bedding is sold in packs of 6 or 12 and Individual Pots for your Hanging Baskets, Containers or Borders.
When planting use Container Compost which has water retention gel in and a long lasting feed.