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Now is the time to apply an Autumn Feed to the lawn.  This will feed and promote Winter hardiness and strong roots and green the grass without too much growth.   Raise the cutting height of your lawn mower.   Cutting too close encourages moss. Autumn planting onion sets and shallots are now available, and ready to use the following Spring.    If Cats and Dogs are a problem in your garden we stock a range of products to help to deter them. Hyacinth Bulbs can be planted now to Flowering at Christmas.  (specially prepared Hyacinth Bulbs)  Plant bulbs in Bulb Compost in pots and place in a cool dark place. In late November bring them into the heat and light the bulbs should then flower around Christmas time.

Tip of the Month


Moss Killer

When planting improve soil with Growmore or Fish, Blood & Bone fertiliser.


Summer Flowers

Summer flowering bedding should be in full bloom keep dead heading and feed regularly


Autumn Lawn Feed

Now is the time to apply an Autumn Feed to the lawn