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Lawns should be looking good now, feed regularly with a slow release to avoid a surge in growth (means less cutting).  If moss is a problem why now use “Lawn Master” which kills the moss without turning it black which decomposes and converts into a slow release fertiliser thus avoiding to rake it out  or use  just a Feed and Weed. Keep your eye on your plants for Greenfly spray immediately, we have organic sprays if you prefer to use them.  Spray only on a dry – dull day and no rain forecast.    Slugs and snails can be a problem now we have various pellets in stock and organic ones.

Tip of the Month


Moss Killer

When planting improve soil with Growmore or Fish, Blood & Bone fertiliser.


Summer Flowers

Summer flowering bedding should be in full bloom keep dead heading and feed regularly


Autumn Lawn Feed

Now is the time to apply an Autumn Feed to the lawn