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Now the frosts have gone half-hardy bedding can be planted out into the border space 20cm apart add a high Potash Feed.   If you are planting Hanging Baskets use Westland Hanging Basket Compost with a 6 month slow release feed.   We have a good range of Home  grown bedding plants. We also carry a good range of Vegetable Plants – all Home Grown at our Nursery. We have 8 varieties of Tomato’s ready for your Glasshouse. Start spraying roses for Black Spot, Mildew and Rust. You can now start to feed the lawn and get some colour back,  feed regularly or use a complete Feed, Weed & Moss killer.

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Our own Vegetable Plants should now be ready


Hanging Baskets & Containers

Start spraying roses for Black Spot, Mildew and Rust. 



Roses should be starting to bloom remember to cut off the dead flower.