The first month of the year is now behind us and we can start getting into our gardens as the days get longer and plants are beginning to grow, due to the unusual mild weather. I am often asked how do we stop plants growing so early, the simple answer is – nothing you can do. It is all down to nature. Even if we get heavy frosts and snow this can kill off young growth, but nature catches up in the end.


This is when you put a 10-20cm layer over the top of the soil using well rotted manure or soil conditioner by dong this it improves the soil encourages worm activity and the beneficial bacteria in the soil suppresses weeds and can protect tender plants from heavy frosts and snow and it makes the border look neat and tidy. Soil conditioner and manure are on special offer. The manure is sterilised so no weeds.

New Season Stock

Since the beginning of January, Gary, Julieann and David have been revamping the shop to make way for the new season products. I have been pressure washing the outside area cleaning away all the green algae and making way for the new seasons plants with deliveries starting in a couple of weeks.

Winter Bedding

We currently have available a wide range of bulbs growing in pots for early Spring colour, snowdrops, crocus, tulips and daffodils. Also for the borders primroses, cyclamen Semi double primroses, pansies and bellis. When planting us a multipurpose compost if planting in pots make sure there is plenty of drainage.

2020 Seeds

The new seasons seeds are now available both flowers and vegetables, it is little too early to sow outdoors, but seeds can be sown indoors with a little heat 20°C using a seed sowing compost a good source of information is on the back of the packet of seeds.

Grow Giant Vegetables

We have in Robinsons Seeds this is a specialist company best known for their Mammoth Onion which can grow up to 2lbs in weight. Once again these can be started off indoors and then transferred outside Mid March or early April depending if the weather gets warmer.

Seed Potatoes

We have about 25 varieties in stock to choose from all are labelled with good information. Once you have selected your variety you want to chit them, this means setting the seed upper most in an egg carton or shallow tray in a cool frost free place with good light, to stimulate strong shoots on the seed. Plant the seed 30cm apart 60cm between rows and 15cm deep

Growing seed potatoes in containers

Use a Potato Bag, very large pot, old bin or even a folded down fertiliser bag. You can plant not in a frost free glasshouse or conservatory or a little heat to speed things up, make sure there is good drainage and place 15cm of Westland peat free compost in the container then 3 seed potatoes cover with more compost water and wait for them to grow as they grow cover the greenery with more compost slowly filling up the container. For any more information of seed potatoes ask in the Centre.


This wonderful evergreen shrub is now available for planting in a range of colours in containers or the garden . They can grow up to 3 mt high over 15 years and are very hardy flowering from February to May, tolerant of shade do not like early morning sun and should be planted with ericaceous compost (Lime free).


A group of hardy low growing plants great for winter colour many are in flower from October through to Spring mainly in pink white or purple. Use Ericaceous compost planting 45cm apart in groups of 3 cut back after flowering.

Hopefully you have found this bulletin helpful, and if for any reason you do not wish to receive it any more please e mail back.

Enjoy your Garden,
John, Gary, Julieann and David

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Start spraying roses to protect against Blackspot, Mildew,



Protect carrots from Carrot Fly by growing onions next to carrots.



the Non-drop Nordmann Beautiful smell and lovely shapes. Can be re-netted for easy of transportation.