Where has the year gone we are now half way through and what an extraordinary year it has been?   The plants in our gardens know nothing about Coronavirus and keep growing and we are spending more of our time in the garden social distancing and keeping safe and at the same time improving our mental health and physical health.

New Plants are arriving every week and we now have a large selection of Clematis for walls and fencing in a variety of colours we also have Honeysuckle and Parthenocissus (Virginia creeper) including a new variety with variegated foliage plus Pyracantha with berries forming

Heathers – new delivery arrived this week.  When planting heathers plant in groups of three about 45cm apart using Ericaceous compost (Lime free) always cut back heathers after flowering.  Heathers are very hardy and reliable and give colour during the Winter months.

Perennials – We have a good selection of perennials in just a few are Penstemon, Lupins, Rudbeckia, Echinacea and Dahlias.   Perennials flower from late Spring to through to Autumn many are a food source for Bees, Insects and Buterflies.    A large number of perennials are herbaceous which means they die down at the end of each season and come back in the Spring of next year.   Perennials are often referred to as Cottage Garden Plants and as will all flowering plants dead head regularly to encourage new flowers.

Herbs – Our selection of herbs has not been the best this due to my supplier not being able to keep up with the demand,  but we have managed to get a good supply in this week.

Vegetable Plants – The demand for vegetable plants this year has been very high in fact demand exceeding supply.   At the moment we have a good range to choose from as we have grown all in our own Nursery.   When planting use a balanced fertiliser like Growmore and use slug pellets to protect from slugs and snails (organic controls are available)

Trees – The majority of our trees are grown here in N. Ireland and we have a good selection at the moment.   All our trees are container grown and can be planted at any time of the year,  keep well watered after planting.  A mature tree can provide a great habitat for birds and insects.  They look good and provide shelter from wind and noise,  and they take in CO2 and give out oxygen so purifying the air.

Roses – We have been able to bring in new varieties of bush roses, including patios and floribundas and HT’s.  We have also ordered a new collection of climbing roses which we hope will arrive in the next couple of weeks.  Roses should be sprayed every couple of weeks with a fungus clear or Roseclear to control Blackspot, mildew and ruse.   The Roseclear will also control greenfly. To keep roses blooming and looking their best feed with Westland Rose Fertiliser, which can also be used around flowering plants and fruit.  If there are no buds left cut back to 5 buds from the bottom just above a leaf joint to stimulate new growth.


  1. With the recent wind check the stakes and ties on your trees
  2. During the warm damp  weather it is ideal to sow grass seed.
  3. When spraying insecticides, fungicides and weed killers always choose a calm dry day early  evening is a good time when rain is not forecast.
  4. Tomatoes should be growing well and you can now remove the lower foliage to allow good circulation of air and remember tomatoes need a lot of watering,
  5. If you are struggling to keep the temperature of the greenhouse below 80oF it may be necessary to use greenhouse shading.
  6. House plants are very much in vogue and we have just received a new delivery.  House plants love a warm atmosphere no direct sun and keep them moist at all times not wet.
  7. Hanging baskets are looking really good, keep dead heading and feeding regularly with Phostrogen and watering, even if we get rain keep your eye on the basket as the foliage and flowers will act as an umbrella and the compost will dry out.

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Start spraying roses to protect against Blackspot, Mildew,



Protect carrots from Carrot Fly by growing onions next to carrots.



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