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Building a Pond
A very sunny site may cause excessive algae growth. Leaves from trees may foul the water.

A pond in a dark corner will remain cool and prevent good water-lily growth.

Partial shade during the day is desirable, though not essential.

Liners of PVC Type materials are easiest to fit and the least expensive.

After digging the hole, or building a raised pond, arrange shelves for plants.

The liner is protected by layer of sand before the liner is put in.

Secured at the edge then filled with water.

Stocking Your Pond
Plants: Most 'pond' plants tolerate a wide range of conditions. The label on the plant will inform you of its needs and how it grows. Lillies dislike cold and dark positions and should be kept away from turbulent water.

Fishes: Providing the fishes can find shelter in an area of deeper water i.e. 50 cms or more to over winter, there are few problems in maintaining them.

Goldfishes and varieties of goldfishes such as shubunkins and comets are easy to keep, colourful and live to thirty or more if well cared for.

Orfe can be introduced for variety, but koi carp need deep water and large ponds if they are to reach their full potential.
Pond Maintenance
The 'ART' of fish keeping in a pond is based on water quality, the water can look like 'pea-soup' (and often does) but the fish thrive, yet it can be clear as Gin and poisonous.

Filters and chemicals may all be used to keep your pond clear. External filters are powered by a pump submerged in the pond and are sized according to the volume of the pond and the pump. Chemicals kill the algae but do not remove it from the pond. New ponds filled with tap water, will contain all the chemicals that protect us from Bacteria, but a fish bred in a pond in China or Israel is not used to being dumped into Chlorine or any other chemicals.

Spring is the most difficult time of the year for pond fishes. They have laid dormant for several months, the sun comes out and warms the water, and the fish start to move around.

Feeding starts when the temperature of the water reaches 10oC (50oF) the bodies of the fish have warmed up and digestive systems can function properly. Parasites and Bacteria already in the pond also build up at this time and weak fish succumb. A simple pond treatment is recommended at this time, once light feeding has started.

There are many safe water test kits and water treatments. All of them simple to use and are available, along with our range of filters and suitable food, at both garden centres.

Pond Image
Some Reminders
  • De-Chlorinate Tap Water.
  • Few fish added over a long period
  • Check the Ammonia levels each time you add fish
  • Check the Acid/Alkaline content with a PH kit
  • Green water is a natural phenomenon it can be treated, but it takes time, sometimes months.
Two Very Important Points
  • Do not add treatments for one problem whilst treating for another.
  • No two ponds are alike. Your neighbours pond will not re-act like yours.
Take your time and satisfaction can be guaranteed.

Dates for your Diary
  • 10th & 11th April
  • 8th & 9th May
  • 5th & 6th June
  • 7th & 8th August
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