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The Orchid King
Phalaenopsis are strikingly beautiful, and have been very popular among orchid collectors since the golden era of orchid hunting. This orchid is Phalaenopsis Flare Spots.
Cymbidium Jocelyn
Cymbidium Jocelyn
* Do you need advice on orchids?
Visit the garden centre and ask for Julieann. She will be able to give you guidance on keeping orchids and show you what we have available.

Temperature: individual types vary, but the general rule is a day temp of 70oF in summer, 60oF in winter and a drop at night of 10oF. Cool nights are important.
Light: Good light, shaded from direct sun. Orchids need 10-15 hours of light each day in Winter supplement daylight with artificial light.
Water:Do not overwater, wait until compost is nearly dry before rewatering. Feed a high potassium "Bloom" feed every other watering throughout the year. Keep compost moist reduce watering in Winter. Use tepid water.
Air Humidity: Moist air is essential. Mist leaves occasionally.
Repotting: Do not worry if a few roots being to grow outside the pot. Repot only when growth begins to suffer and in Spring only,Always use a bark based orchid mix.
Propagation: Divide plants at repotting time. Leave at least 3 shoots
on each division.
Orchids should not be purchased which have been kept near open doors, (many supermarkets and DIY stores or unheated overnight conditions)

We want you to enjoy your Orchid, but if you have any concerns, please contact us immediately.
Hints & Tips for caring for your orchid
Caring for your Orchid can depend on which variety you have. See individual information. A General rule for all Orchids is no direct sun.

A popular orchid.
Mar & Apr flowering, water, feed, re pot if necessary
May - Aug water & feed.
Sept - Jan rest, flowering.
Feb - rest, flowering, re pot.

Jan - rest
Feb - Apr water, feed, flowering.
May - sept water & feed.
Oct - Dec rest

Ideal beginners orchid flowering all year round. Feed one week water the next continuously throughout the year.
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