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As the days lengthen it gives us Gardeners more opportunity to work in the garden. We have been very busy in the Centre preparing for the new season. Our first delivery of new plants arrived last week and the new seasons Roses are all on display.

New Seasons Roses - We have bush roses, patio roses, climbers, standards and celebration roses for that special occasion. My Valentine, Many Happy Returns, Mum in a Million, Silver Wedding, Ruby Wedding, Golden Anniversary and many more. When planting Roses use Westland Rose Tree & Shrub compost which has a 4 month slow release feed. Start to spray roses from Mid April to control Blackspot, Mildew and Rust, use Fungus Clear or Multirose.

Pruning roses - All roses should be pruned mid March around St. Patricks Day using a good pair of pruners cut out all dead wood, weak wood and branches growing into the centre. Select 3 or 4 strong shoots pointing in different directions 3 or 4 buds up from the ground and cut off just above a bud. Use a dressing of Rose Fertiliser.

Mulching - Put a mulch around plants now using Westland Farmyard manure, Soil Conditioner or Bark this will suppress weeds and make the beds look tidy.


We have just received our first delivery of new plants.

Helleborus Hardy Evergreen attractive foliage height 45-60cm 8 varieties to choose from all in bud or flower.

  • Phormium - Hardy evergreen spiky plant comes in a variety of coloured foliage 9 varieties to choose from good in pots good for the seaside around 90cm.
  • Euphorbia Frosted Flame - Small hardy evergreen perennial turn’s red/pink in winter months height & spread 45cm yellow flowers May-June New Variety.
  • Heathers- in flower now low growing very hardy 30-45cm lovely winter colour.
  • Viburnum Bodnantense Dawn Hardy winter flowering shrub 203mt high in flower now.
  • Primula Ooh La La - New Plant covered with an abundance of pink flowers now. Long flowering period looks good in a container height 40cm hardy perennial.
  • Dianella Wyeena - New plant Flax Lily spiky leaves Green with white margins attractive foliage flowers blue Spring. Blue berries Summer Evergreen good seaside/container plant.
  • Yucca Bright Star - Evergreen stunning foliage pink flowers Summer good seaside/container plant. New Variety.
  • Daphne Perfume Princess - Hardy evergreen shrub flowers pink Spring very fragrant New Plant. Plant near to front door to enjoy the fragrance.
  • Rehmannia Snow Tiger - New hardy perennial green foliage flowers White Summer height 60cm.
  • Nandina Obsessed - Small evergreen shrub height 70cm heavenly bamboo new growth bright red white flowers Summer.
  • Camellia’s - Hardy evergreen shrub coming into flower now covered in buds eight 90cm – 1.5mt can be cut after flowering. Use Lime Free compost when planting.
  • Soft Fruit - A full range of soft fruit for planting now includes,
    • Raspberries
    • Blackcurrants
    • White currants
    • Red currants
    • Blackberries
    • Logan berries
    • Gooseberries
    • Blue berries

    Special offer buy 3 pots cheapest comes free.


  • Continue to feed the birds which eat many garden pests
  • Check stakes and ties on trees
  • Keep hard surfaces green free and slip free use Patio Magic
  • Now is a good time to select your new season’s seeds which are in now
  • Most seeds can be grown inside with heat
  • Still too early to sow any seeds outside.

Seed Potatoes are now available we have a good selection.
Onion sets, shallots, garlic and Summer Flower Bulbs are now available.

Want to learn more about gardening, why not join our garden club which meets the last Monday of every month 7.30pm - 8.30pm in the Garden Centre. £15 membership for a year, 20% discount on the night of the garden club and 10% discount on all purchase (full retail only).

Hopefully you have found the bulletin useful and if you do not wish to receive it anymore please email back.

Good Gardening



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