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What a challenging year this has been sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes windy, but the biggest difference between this year and last year is the amount of dizzily rain we have been getting not really watering our plants just wetting the foliage.   It is very easy to think that your plants are well watered in fact the roots are very dry.   Check everyday hanging baskets and containers making sure the compost is moist to touch Do Not rely on the rain.   Another downside with drizzle and warm days combined is that you are more likely to get diseases attacking your plants, rust, powdery mildew, mildew and boytrys.

Top Tips for Disease Control

  • Keep plants well watered
  • Feed your plants regularly as strong healthy plant will resist diseases much better.
  • Plants which are susceptible to disease such as Roses should be sprayed every two weeks, using Rose Clear or Multi Rose.  If a rose is badly infected cut it back to 18in above ground this will stimulate new growth and the rose will look better.
  • If you have a plant which is badly diseased take off the bad leaves and spray with a fungicide and pick up any leaves fallen onto the ground.
  • Many gardeners grow their own potatoes up to a few years ago there was a prevention to Potato Blight.  Today there is no such spray for the amateur gardener.   The only way to deal with blight is try and grow disease resistant seed potatoes, keep your potatoes well watered early in the day.  If blight does attack take off the green tops immediately and the tubers in the soil should be ok.

OK so Christmas is coming!!

But you can have your own Home Grown Potatoes for Christmas Dinner.   We have a small selection of seed potatoes in the Garden Centre with more varieties due soon.

Help the Environment – Plant a Tree

A few weeks ago a report was published on Global Warming, due to the number of trees being cut down all over the world.   If you want to do your bit to help why not plant a tree.   We have just taken delivery of our New Seasons Trees grown here in Northern Ireland,  they are container grown in 12lit pots.  This means that they can be planted anytime of the year except when the ground is frozen, very dry or very wet.  We have various varieties of Cherry Trees, Maples, Rowan Trees.  We also have Weeping Willows, Eucalyptus, Birch and Amelanchier and the Tulip Tree.

Tips for planting Trees

  • Always make sure the tree is well watered in the container and cut off any broken branches.
  • Plant the tree away from the house so as not to interfere with foundations.
    An example is “If the trees ultimate height is 6mts then the tree should be planted 6mts away from nearby buildings.”
  • Dig a hole twice the volume of the root ball, break up the bottom of the hole for drainage and throw in small stones to help with drainage.   Line the hole with Westland Rose Tree & Shrub Compost which has a slow release fertiliser in, remove pot from tree and plant back fill the hole with the rest of the compost and soil firm in by your boot/shoe and water very well.  It is advisable to stake trees after planting by putting a stake on the wind-ward side of the tree and use a proper tree tie to secure it, one which has a buckle to allow for the growth of the tree.

Quick Tips

  • If your lawn is looking tired use Evergreen Complete with weed and moss control and a feed.
  • We still have a good range of vegetable plants for planting now, before planting give the ground a base dressing of a balanced fertiliser such as Growmore.
  • You can still sow Scallions, Carrots, Beetroot, Salad Leaves and Radish.
    Autumn Planting Onion sets; Shallots and Garlic bulbs will be available.
    Summer Flowering Bedding plants are still available, half price while stocks last.
  • Keep a careful watch for Greenfly if found on plants use Provado or Bug Clear.
  • During wet spells slugs and snails are a big problem, use slug pellets or an organic substitute.
  • If you have a problem with disease or pests bring a sample into the Centre for identification.

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Enjoy your Garden from the Team.

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