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As the days get shorter and cooler we can look back with envy on the fantastic summer we had.   Now is the time to plan ahead for Autumn/Winter colour and Spring Colour with Bulbs which are all available now.

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Now is a good time to plant as the ground is warm and all plants will establish very quickly putting down a good root system to see them through the Winter and give a good start to the season.

All the plants we have in the garden centre have been grown in pots which means that the plants can be planted almost every day of the year without any root disturbance, except if the soil is very dry (then you water) or if the soil is very wet (wait for it to dry out)  or if the soil is frozen (wait for the soil to thaw out)  Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball and water the plant before planting is necessary,  tease out the roots  break up the bottom of the hole for drainage and throw in some horticultural grit or stones for drainage, this is very important if your ground is very wet over the winter period.   Line the hole with Westland Rose Tree & Shrub compost (which has a slow release feed in it)   back fill the hole with the compost keeping the top of the root ball flush with the surrounding soil  firm the plant in and water well.   If you are planting Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Heathers and Acers use Ericaceous compost.


Crocosmia Leucanthemum Hebe’s Scabious Pyracantha
Helenium Anemone Agapanthus Buddleja Leonitis
Malva Ruddbeckia Roses Hydrangea Malus
(Autumn fruits)
(Autumn colour)

and many more.

Autumn/Winter Bedding now available

Pansies, Violas, Cyclamen dead head regularly and will give colour all through the Winter.      
Spring flowering bulbs are now available for the best sow plant in groups all bulbs need good drainage, use horticultural grit.   With careful planting it is possible to have flowers from January with Snowdrops to Tulips in May.

If planting in containers plant bulbs and then use pansies or violas on top the bulbs will come through in the Spring.  Use a multi purpose compost and feed with bone meal.

Hyacinths for Christmas can be planted now, these have been specially prepared to flower at Christmas, which have a lovely smell.
Select the colour of your choice.   Plant one bulb in a 10cm pot with drainage holes.  Water well.   Put in a cool dark place  (not the hot press)
Bring into the heat and light in late November early December.
Select 3 – 5 bulbs at the same stage of development and place in an attractive container.   

A new delivery of fruit trees for the patio or small garden have just arrived.   They will not grow anymore that 2 mt high and are all self-fertile  which means you need only one tree, though more than one tree is better for pollination.

From now onwards Autumn Lawn food should be used. Scotts Autumn Lawn Builder and Westland Aftercut with Moss killer Autumn Feed. 

Using an Autumn Lawn food will help promote winter hardiness and good root action, it will green up the lawn and discourage moss and weeds. 

We have a few eatables plants left you can still sow carrots, beetroot and scallions.   Arriving soon Autumn planting Onion sets and shallots and garlic.   These can be planted now to mature at least one month ahead of the Spring planting onion sets and shallots.   Seed Potatoes for planting now in the open ground or containers are still available the potatoes will be harvested for the Christmas dinner. 

Feeding the Birds is important over the winter and we have a wide range of wild bird food to suit all types of birds which may visit your garden over the Winter.    Also bird Tables, feeders and nesting boxes.   They also make a good job of eating our garden pests such as caterpillars, slugs, snails, chafer grub and leatherjackets.

Enjoy your Garden



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