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We are now half way through the year and it is now time to start planting Hanging Baskets, Containers and Borders with bedding plants for continuous colour through to the First Frosts. We grow all our own Bedding Plants in our Nursery and it is now ready for planting out. We have a very large selection of bedding for hanging baskets or containers.

Tips for summer Bedding

  • 1. Before planting make sure the plants are well watered.
  • 2. If planting in the border put down a dressing of a high potash fertiliser such as Rose Fertiliser or use Westland Container compost with a six month slow release fertiliser.
  • 3. Slugs & snails will eat your new plants overnight so scatter slug pellets in the area where you intend to plant after having watered the area first to attract the slugs & snails along for their little treat (We have alternatives to use).
  • 4. Select plants you like hanging or trailing for Baskets and Tubs, upward growing plants for containers and borders.
  • 5. Most bedding should be spaced in the border 20-30cm apart a little closer for containers. A 30cm basket would need about 5-6 plants. 40cm basket 6-7 plants and 50cm basket 7-8 plants
  • 6. When planting into baskets or containers use Westland Container Compost which contains a 6 month slow release fertiliser and moisture retention granules, which reduces the frequency of watering.
  • 7. As the bedding grows remove any dead flowers as they appear this will stimulate the plants to produce more flowers.
  • 8. Watering baskets and containers is very important even if it has rained. Check baskets and containers every day by sticking your finger into the compost if it feels dry soak the compost making sure the water is getting eight into the compost.
  • 9. Feeding every 2 weeks or so is well worth while especially if you have not used the special container compost use Phostrogen or Tomato Fertiliser.
  • 10. Check your baskets and containers every two weeks for greenfly or other pests use Provado or Resolva Bug Killer.

Grow your own Vegetables

  • 1. We have a good range of vegetables for planting now and again they are all started off in our own Nursery. (No air miles or plastic bags) just lovely tasting home grown vegetables and fruit.
  • 2. Repeat No 3 as above
  • 3. Clear away weeds hoeing or deep rooted weeks spray Roundup 3-4 weeks before planting. Roundup is safe to use and does not damage the soil.
  • 4. The disadvantage of growing your own is the attack from pests – caterpillars, root fly greenfly, blackly and a few others. If you don’t want to use chemicals cover your crop with micro mesh this is an ultra fine mesh which lets in air, water and light but keeps most of these pests out.
  • 5. When planting or sowing vegetables use a base dressing a balanced fertiliser such as Growmore or Chicken pellets or Fish Blood & Bone.
  • 6. After planting or sowing keep your vegetables well watered as required.
  • 7. One thing I hate with a vengeance is buying scallions in the supermarket, which are course not very tasty and have no shelf life. Freshly pulled fine scallions are so much better. Make a shallow track in the soil about 2cm deep and 60cm long sow scallions (spring onions) thinly cover with soil and water repeat this every 3 or 4 weeks from Spring to Autumn this will give you a continuous supply of freshly tasty fine scallions all seasons long.
  • 8. Herbs we have a very good selection of herbs

New Plants arriving every week

Almost every week we have new plants arriving most are in bud or flowering and all looking at their very best.

Want to know more about Gardening
Why not join our garden club we meet in the Centre on the last Monday of each Month January to October from 7.30pm – 8.30pm.
£15.00 membership fee.
10% discount of all purchases (full retail)
20% discount on Garden Club Nights (full retail).
I do a talk each month on what you should be doing at that time and have a look at interesting plants which look good at that month.

We are having a Wildlife Extravaganza day at the Garden Centre on Saturday 22nd June from 2.00pm – 4.00pm.
Amazon Jungle Show – Catherine with her Amazon Reptiles to educate children and adults on Amazon Reptiles.
Debbie Doolittle – with a passion for wildlife rescuing animals for many years. Debbie will be bringing some rescued animals with her.
Aidan Crean – a Wildlife Volunteer, Bird watching and wild bird boxes. Competition Best Dressed Vegetable (Home grown or bought)
Fancy Dress - join the staff in dressing up.
20% off All Fruit Trees, Fruit Bushes & Vegetables. (no other discount can be used) 22nd June only.

Good gardening from all the team at Inver Garden Centre.



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