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Useful Tips
To keep roses clear of diseases, Blackspot, Mildew and Rust spray every two weeks with a suitable fungicide such as Rose Clear, Fungus Clear, or Fungus Fighter.
Dead head roses regularly this will encourage new buds and flowers. When there are no more buds prune the stem back to just above a leaf joint this will stimulate new growth lower down the bush.
To keep roses healthy and blooming apply a rose fertiliser, we recommend Westland Rose Food enriched with Horse Manure.
When doing any spraying in the garden whether it is a fungicide, insecticide or weed killer the product are more effective if sprayed during calm, dry and dull weather.
If you have grown potatoes this year why not grow some for Christmas Harvest. We have in stock seed potatoes for planting now. They can be grown in large tubs or containers using Westland Vegetable Growing Compost.
It is still not too late to plant vegetables we have some plants available, Savoy Cabbage and Cauliflower for Winter maturing. Salad Bowl Lettuce (cut and come again) maturing 8 weeks from planting and cabbage to mature in the Spring.
There are also some vegetable seeds which can still be planted now, radish, beetroot, carrots, spring onions and many more.
When planting vegetables always use a balanced fertiliser such as Growmore and of course use a few slug pellets to prevent attack by slugs and snails.
Alpines - We have just taken delivery of more Alpines with lots of varieties to choose from, this group of plants usually only grown between 10cm - 30cm high. They all like good drainage so use grit in the planting hole and use grit on top of the soil when planted this will help stop the plant getting splashed with soil when it rains. Alpines come from a mountainous region and are very hardy and like a sunny position. They are good in Rockeries around the end of containers and the front of the border.
Plants Now in Flower
Agapanthus - Roses - Hydrangea - Helenium - Rudbeckia - Lythrum - Gerbera - Salvia - Fuchsia - Gaillardia - Leucanthemum - Ceratostigma - Crocosmia - Penstemon - Parahebe Cosmos - Calla Lillies - Buddlewja - Lavender - Silene - Eriogeron
There are also many plants with attractive foliage and evergreen giving all year round interest.
If the lawn is looking a bit tired you can give it a boost with Westland Aftercut Lawn Thickener which contains grass seed and will green up the lawn in days. If the lawn has moss and weeds you can use Evergreen Complete. If applying a lawn food and lawn weed killer use 7 days after cutting and leave for a further 7 days to allow the product to work and always water within 24 hours after application.
Our new seasons trees have just been delivered and can be planted anytime as all our trees are grown in containers with a slow release fertiliser and grown in Northern Ireland. We have a large variety of different trees, some with flowers or fantastic Autumn foliage or with berries. There are many to suit all size of garden. As a rough "rule of thumb" for every foot the tree goes up you should keep it the same distance from the House. Eg if a tree is allowed to grow 20ft up it should be kept 20ft away from the house.
Arriving Soon - Spring flowering bulbs - Daffodils, Tulips Crocus and many more
New range of House plants and Cacti arriving next week.

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Our Garden Club - If you would like to know more about Gardening, why now come along to our garden club held the last Monday of every month (next one Monday 31st July) in the garden centre starting at 7.30pm. Membership if 15.00 per year giving you 20% discount on the night of the meeting and 10% of full retail value of most products. You are welcome to come along as a visitor to any meeting and join the garden club if you find it useful.

If you have any gardening problems the team is here to help.

Inver Garden Centre.

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