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Now we are in May there should be no more frosts at least now damaging frosts.  If you live away from the sea frosts can still occur.

Summer Flowering Bedding Plants

These are now available for Hanging Baskets, Containers and the Border.  The majority are half-hardy, and could be damaged by frost but all our plants are grown in our own Nursery and with no heat and can stand temperatures down to almost freezing.   We have one of the largest ranges of bedding plants to choose from many new varieties only introduced this year.   When planting use Westland Container Compost which contains a six month slow release feed and water retention granules,    it is a good idea to give your plants an additional feed using a plant food with high Potash.  


When planting vegetables use a balanced fertiliser such as Growmore. 
All our Vegetable plants are produced in our own Nursery quality is a high importance.

Before planting Vegetables soak the area 2-3 days in advance this will encourage slugs & snails to come to the moisture put down slug pellets which will kill them in advance of you’re planting in new plants,  organic pellets are also available.
Start spraying Roses to give protection against Blackspot, Mildew, Rust and Greenfly use Scotts Rose Clear Ultra, Westland Resolva Rose 3 in 1 or Scotts Fungus Clear Ultra.

Now is a good time to feed Roses using Westland Rose Food enriched with Manure.

Fruit trees & Fruit Bushes would benefit from a High Potash feed such as Rose Food, Phostrogen or Tomato Food.

New plants are arriving every week giving you an opportunity to see what is new and in flower.

When planting Alpines which are great for Rockeries or Sink Gardens always plant
with plenty of grit for good drainage put grit round the alpine when planted this avoids the soil splashing onto the alpines during rain and discourages slugs and snails.

Weeds in the lawn are easy to kill use Weedol Lawn Killer or Resolva Lawn Killer.  Apply using a sprayer or watering can fitted with a fine rose.   Apply on a calm, dry, dull day seven days after cutting and leave for a further seven days before cutting again to allow the chemical to work.

If you wish to kill weeds and feed the lawn use Evergreen Complete or Westland Aftercut all in one.    Apply half way between cuts and use a spreader if rain does not appear water in within 24 hours.

Leatherjackets are a big problem; these are the grubs of Daddy Long Legs.  There is no chemical control.   One of the ways to deal with leatherjackets is to soak the infected area well and cover the area with black polythene remove the cover in the morning exposing the leatherjackets and sweep them up immediately and put them in the bin.   Another way is to use Nematodes,  these are microscopic organisms which are introduced to the area where leatherjackets are, over a period of weeks they will attack and kill them.   These Nematodes have to b e purchased at the garden centre and are then sent by post to you from a specialist producer in England.

There are still a few seed potatoes left and garlic bulbs, as the season is late these will still grow.
Camellias have now almost finished flowering for the rest of the year, feed every 3 weeks with a Lime Hating Food to stimulate flower bud development for next season.

When planting Camellias, Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Heathers, Pieris and Skimmia you a Lime Free Compost (Ericaceous)

If you have any Gardening Problems we are always here to help we have many years experience between us and are always willing to help.

If you would like to know more about Gardening why not consider joining our Garden Club.   We meet the last Monday every month (except November and December)  at 7.30pm the meeting last 1 hour.      The yearly membership is £15.00 and gives 20% discount on the night of the garden club and 10% discount at other times.   This is off the full retail price. 

As always if you do not wish to receive this bulletin any more please e mail back.

Good Gardening,

from John Shannon
Inver Garden Centre.


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