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With Easter this week end the days are getting longer and the soil is warming up, it should be fairly safe to plant some of those more tender plants, but be prepared to protect them if a late frost does attack using wind protection fleece.
The Garden Centre will be open as normal over the Easter Holidays 9.00am - 5.30pm
EXCEPT for Easter Sunday except due to "Easter Sunday Trading Law" which means we are not we are not allowed to sell any products, However we will be open for viewing only from 1.00pm to 5.00pm. As a reward customers who come to the Garden Centre on Easter Sunday will receive a 20% Voucher to be used until the end of April 2017.

Grow Your Own - We have a good range of vegetable plants available, The first of the Tomato Plants for cold houses will be available (not all varieties) and as the soil is warmer you can sow a range of vegetables directly outside, carrots, beetroot, scallions, radish, peas, beans and many more. When sowing outside use Westland Vegetable Compost or Growmore. Remove all perennial weeds.
Half Hardy Bedding Plants - Be careful planting our bedding plants they may need protection from a late frost. All our bedding is grown hard and can stand up to a cold night and even a light frost. If you live near the sea the risk of frost is minimal if you live away from the sea delay planting until early May.
New Plants - Arriving into the Centre every week.
Just Arrived - New selection of Herbs and alpines
Top Tips -
Start spraying Roses for Blackspot, Mildew, Rust and Greenfly use Rose Clear or Fungus Clear Ultra. If you have not already fed your Roses give them a feed of Westland Rose Food with Horse Manure, highly recommended and can be used on all flowering plants.
Spring flowering bulbs are finishing flowering give them a feed of Potash, this will help build the bulbs up for next year giving more flowers next year.
Weeds in the patio, paved areas, steps, drive ways or hard surfaces spot treat with Ready to Use Resolva Path & Patio or Round Up.
Remember to use a Lime Free Compost Ericaceous when planting Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellia, Magnolias and Heathers.
If you prefer to use organic and peat free multipurpose compost we have Living Green Multi Purpose Compost made by worms.

As always we hope you find the bulletin useful and if you do not wish to receive it any more please e mail back.
From the team at Inver Garden Centre.

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