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Sunday is a very important day for Mothers.

We have a great range of house plants many not available elsewhere which includes Bonsai Trees, Air Plants, Streptocarpus and unusual planted containers. We have many plants already gift wrapped to go and give. Staff will be on hand to give help and advice on caring for house plants during Saturday any gift wrapping can be done for a small charge.
We have a variety of AZALEA called "Mothers Day" small evergreen shrub with red flowers plant with Lime Free Compost. We also have a ROSE called "Special Mum" this is very fragrant and has pink flowers from May Height 80-100cm.
If Mum is a keen gardener you could consider a Garden Gift Voucher we have our own In House Vouchers and the National Garden Gift Vouchers which can be exchanged at Garden Centres in England, Scotland and Wales. There are many gifts within the centre to consider giving.
How to get rid of Moss in the Lawn, this is usually caused by bad drainage and rain, unfortunately we can do nothing about the rain but we can try and improve the drainage in the lawn. Shade caused by over hanging trees, fences or buildings causing shade. There are a number of ways to improve drainage, using a garden fork push it into the lawn making a hole or use a hollow tyne fork (which removes a core from the lawn) with a mixture of 50/50 horticultural grit and screened top soil spread over the lawn and brush into the holes made this will help water to get away faster from the lawn surface. Thin out over hanging trees to let more light in. Feed the lawn 3 to 4 times during the growing season makes the lawn thick and healthy making moss harder to take hold.
There are many products on the market to deal with moss
(a) Ferrous Sulphate or Sulphate of Iron, applying this product the moss will be dead in days.
(b) Westland After Cut All-in-One, Scotts Evergreen Moss Killer with lawn food, Evergreen Complete 4 in 1
These products contain sulphate of iron plus a weed killer and a lawn food all at the same time. Westland Lawn Master is a new product it will kill the moss naturally. It turns it into a natural feed without turning the moss black, it encourages the grass to grow and turns it greener. This product will be in the centre soon.
If you would like more information on moss control we will be having a demonstration in the centre on Saturday at 3.00pm.
New Plants arriving in the centre every week, plus a new selection of Alpines and Herbs.
1. Start feeding the lawn from early April.
2. Prune back Roses and Feed
3. Prune back late flowering Clematis
4. Cut back the old growth from perennials to allow the new seasons growth to come through and feed with Chicken Manure or Rose Fertiliser.
5. Finish planting Seed Potatoes in the coming weeks while stocks last.
6. Plant onion sets and shallots into pots using a multi purpose compost for planting out when the soil is warmer.

As always we hope you find the bulletin useful and if you do not wish to receive it any more please e mail back.
From the team at Inver Garden Centre.

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