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Grow Your Own Potatoes Grow Your Own Fruit Grow Your Own Vegetables
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Fruit Trees & Fruit Bushes

Growing Fruit in your Garden can be interesting and decorative.
Fruit growing has changed over the years all our Fruit are grown in containers allowing you to plant all year round. Our Fruit Trees come from Southern Ireland, and our fruit bushes come from Co. Down.
NOW IN STOCK - New Range of Patio Fruit trees can be grown in Containers or on the Patio.

Apples, Plums, Damson, Pears, Cherries.
When choosing a fruit tree take into account Height and spread. Always stake and tree tie the tree. Use a good quality compost when planting. Dig a hole slightly larger and fill it with some compost remove the pot from the tree firm well into the ground and give a good watering.

Raspberry, Gooseberry, Blackberry, Blueberry and many more.

Fruit bushes produce an abundance of fruit and are a joy to pick. Growing your own allows you to choose if you wish to be organic and use no chemcials. Remember NO AIRMILES and environmentally friendly.
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