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*The club was started in 1988 with regular meetings taking place in the centre on the last Monday of every month. The first meeting attracted 25 people who became members and some are still members of the club today. At the present time the membership stands 152 with each meeting attracting some 65 to 70 people every month.

The club has no office bearers, it is run by John and Norma Shannon, owners of the centre.

Topics each month are always relevant to the time of year, occasionally speakers are brought in on specific subjects, i.e. Fuchsia, Cacti, Bonsai or even a talk on wild birds around the garden. Otherwise the meetings are taken by John.

The meetings always start on time at 7.30pm and finish at 8.30pm sharp. This allows people to look around and buy any products they wish, or ask advice of John.

The benefits of being a member are monthly meetings: 10% discount off most purchases, 20% on garden club nights only, regular newsletters and once a year we have a visit out of the centre.

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