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* Bulbs
If you would like to bring some brilliant Summer colour to your garden call at Inver Garden Centre and see the wide variety of bulbs we have in stock. Available from Mid-February

Summer Flowing Bulbs We have a large variety of bulbs including Dahlias, Gladioli, Begonias and Lillies

Spring Flowering Bulbs (available from Mid-August).

These include Daffodils, Crocus, Tulips and many more.
Hints & Tips for caring for your bulbs
Always choose bulbs which are firm to touch.
All bulbs require free draining add grit to the area before planting.
Bulbs should be planted (a general rule) twice the depth of the bulb
ie Daffodils or Dahlias (Spring or Summer Bulb) 2in Bulb should be planted 4in down.Plant in groups for a better effect.
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