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Charlotte our Bonsai Consultant will be in the Centre in 2019.



Charlotte will be back in with us on;

Friday 27th March & Saturday 28th March 2020.

Details will be on our we web site and in our Garden Bulletin.
Bonsai plants are not difficult to grow but need care and attention and can be very rewarding.

At our Inver shop, we have a variety of bonsai and bonsai care products.

We run special bonsai days when Charlotte, our bonsai expert visits the garden centre. She carries out health checks and is more than willing to provide help and advice on keeping your plants healthy.

Keep an eye on the latest news for dates of her next visit.

Position your tree in plenty of light.
Out of direct sun. Avoid a windowsill,
on top of the TV or over a radiator.
Once you have decided on the position,
do not move the tree, allow it to adapt
to its new environment.
Check the soil daily, if the soil is damp
Water by immersing tree in tepid water
covering the dish half way up.
Leave until all the air bubbles stop showing from around the trunk, this should take only a matter of minutes.
Feed fortnightly during the spring/summer.
Monthly during autumn/winter using only Bonsai Fertiliser.
We want you to enjoy your Bonsai Tree,
but if you have any concerns about its health
please contact us immediately.
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