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Bird Care products at Inver Garden Centre
Bird Care product range in store
Bird Care product range in store
* Wild Bird Care
Feed the wild birds and really bring your garden to life.

Putting out feed is a great way to attract all kinds of wild birds to your garden. Feeding helps improve the birds' survival rates during cole weather and increases their success rates at breeding time.

So when should you feed the birds?
Experts from the RSPB and The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) recommend that you feed the wild birds in your garden all year round. However, feeding is particularly important during autumn, winter and spring.

This is because these colder months are the times when the things birds normally eat, such as insects, seeds and berries are scarce. However, food shortages can occur at any time of year so making sure you always put something out, it can really help them survive and thrive.

What's the best time to put feed out?
Because birds lose energy keeping warm at night, put feed out first thing in the morning. Then put more out mid-afternoon to boost their energy levels ready for the next night. As the birds will come to rely on the food, it's important that once you've started feeding them you continue to do so.

Choosing the right feeding method and feeder
To attract a real variety of birds into your garden you need to put out a range of different foods. The Gardman range has everything from peanuts and seed blends, sunflower hearts and mealworm to energy packed treats like Fat Snax and Suet Feasts.

When choosing feeds it's important taht you also choose the right feeder. For example, only put peanuts out in a special peanut mesh feeder as whole nuts can choke young birds.

As well as using Gardman's wide range of feeders, you can loose feed many of our seeds and seed mixes, on the ground or on a bird table. So why not try a few different feeding methods and see which birds they bring to your garden.

Think about location and water
If loose feeding, avoid putting too much out each day as uneaten food will attract vermin. Whether loose feeding or using a feeder, do it away from cover where predators such as cats could hide. Fresh water must always be available for drinking and bathing and make sure this doesn't become frozen during the winter months.

Keeping things clean
To keep both you and your birds safe, it's important that you think about hygiene. So make sure you...
  • Only put sufficient food out on bird tables or on the ground so it doesn't go off
  • Clean droppings from feeders and tables before adding fresh food
  • Clean feeders and other equipment with mild disinfectant, rinsing thoroughly with water afterwards
  • Move feeders and bird tables regularly to avoid unhygienic deposits building up
  • Keep feed fresh by keeping it in an airtight container stored in a cool dry place
  • Wash outside and protect yourself by wearing gloves and washing hands afterwards
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