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About Inver Garden Centre



In 1970 John attended Greemount College to study Horticulture and obtained a National Certificate in Hoticulture with distinction. The Centre has its own Nursery growing 100% of its Bedding Plants and Vegetable Transplants. No airmiles and environmentally friendly.

The Manager of the Centre Gary attended Greenmount Agricultural College obtaining a college certificate and a national certificate in Horticulture. After College Gary went into the Nursery growing, and over the years gained expereince in all aspects of garden centre business. He moved to the Garden Centre 20 years ago.

Julieann left school at 16 and as a YTP worked in the Floral Industry. She attended Rupert Stanley College for Floristry. Over the years Julieann has attended courses at Greenmount College and has worked at the Centre for 18 years.

Aidan worked at Inver Garden Centre as a school leaver and went on to work in the Hospitality Industry. He has worked abroad in various Countries. He joined Inver Garden Centre 5 years ago and works in the Nursery on the growing side of the business. He is responsible for all Bedding and Vegegtables grown for sale at the Centre throughout the year.
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